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We needed personnel with positive attitudes and outstanding leadership abilities...that is where Boggs stood out.  More important to the organizers than Boggs' karate skills, were his contributions as a leader...This exemplary administrator is a credit to his entire community.

I need not go into all the awards and kudos heaped on Mr. Boggs,

his reputation as a skilled teacher and as a community leader need no amplification. The Boggs family is not just members of the community; they are among the very few citizens who lead by example.

Dr. Ed Enos

Concordia University

Department of Exercise Science

Founding Chairman

Herb Shuey

Former Law Enforcement Officer

Educator & Community Leader


I have worked with Bob and Travis Boggs for over 20 years. In past years we have run seminars together at the Kenukan for local law enforcement officers and civilians. There can be no doubt that they continue to turn out some of the finest athletes, well-prepared martial artists and proficient self-defense practitioners in the country. As a police officer for 33 years, a former USA TEAM fighter (USAKF) and Ph.D in Sport Psychology I view the martial arts perhaps a little differently than most. Though I am a traditionalist, I take a modern approach to evaluating martial arts instructors, their students and the resources available in their  schools to develop advanced technical skills. When I evaluate training schools, I look for curriculum grounded in sound, proven principles  of defense supported by scientific theories of human performance. But perhaps most importantly, I look for the teachers' ability to impart their skills and knowledge to others. These men have a gift for teaching. Bob was always excellent but Travis has become exceptional in his ability to teach others. It may have something to do with the fact that the Kenukan has been at it since 1968! These guys train hard and train others hard. They rely on sound principles to develop perceptual-cognitive and motor skills that underpin the efficacy of every martial artist. I caution you, if you are looking for something that comes easy, this is not the school for you. Though they are patient, kind and caring you will have to earn your stripes. If you are thinking of enrolling in a martial arts school to get promoted and skyrocket through the ranks, the Kenukan is probably a poor choice for you -- because it may lead to incessant whining, overall frustration and a boorish disposition. But, if you are serious about becoming a world-class martial artist or highly competent self defense practitioner, look no further than the Kenukan.

Dr. Roy Bedard

International Law Enforcement Trainer

Signed my 5 year old twin boys up at this dojo in 2009 because it is one of the most comprehensive mixed martial-art dojos in the area and we still attend. Sensei Travis has skills that are at the highest level in Kickboxing, Judo, and Jiu Jitsu and self defense.

At this dojo you will feel like family and will be offered the the highest level of mixed martial arts in the area.

People like Mr. Boggs have much more impact upon the lives of

ordinary citizens than do the major sports. I truly believe that every person fortunate enough to be influenced by Bob is one less person with whom I will have contact.

Hon. Thomas H. Bornholdt

Johnson County District Court Judge

Community Leader

Troy Harp

Osawatomie, KS

I'm proud to call Travis Boggs

one of my Black Belts and the Chairman of my Black Belt Organization. He is one of the few individuals to earn advance instructor rank in my Karate, Judo, & Ronin Jutsu Systems.  I’m always impressed by his student’s skill levels, their spirit, & open-mindedness . . . that which can only come from one source, their teacher.

A Jim Harrison / Bob Boggs

Black Belt is as good as it gets

in the Martial Arts!  My deepest respect to Jim Harrison, Bob Boggs, & our next generation, Travis Boggs, a first rate

Black Belt.

Bob "O'Hara" Wall

President & CEO World Black Belt, Inc.

Karate Champion / Movie Star

Bruce Lee’s Sparring Partner

Jim "Ronin" Harrison

Martial Arts & Self-Defense Legend

Founder of Bushidokan

Judo-Karate-Ronin Jutsu

We love this place! It's much more than a Dojo, it's a second family. I know that not only is my son  getting the best martial arts training around but that both Bob and Travis care about him on a personal level. They simply love what they do. He's made great friends and unexpectedly, so have I. I was first referred to Kenukan by a friend who had two brothers go through the program years ago. I loved knowing someone who knew these instructors on a personal level. We had tried martial arts at other places and to be honest it all came down to what color belt you had and how fast you got it. That's not what Kenukan is about. You won't hemorrhage money on belts. You will learn skills and when you've accomplished the right skills you will move up, whether you are a child or an adult. It's the same for both. I would refer anyone of my friends to Kenukan.


Olathe, KS

Impeccable quality of martial training instruction in Karate, Jiu-Jitsu, and self-defense. Some may find this a drawback, but one of the things I admire most about the Kenukan and Bushidokan schools is the slow, hard-earned rank. No-one here is on a fast-track to blackbelt, and there are no childhood blackbelts in the system. Each rank is hard to earn and students know they have actually accomplished something when they move up in rank. Travis Boggs is the second generation owner / instructor of Kenukan Academy and is as dedicated to the art as anyone.

I have been a student for 20 years.  Kenukan is a place for serious martial artists as well as those looking to gain fundamental self defense skills. I have been so impressed by their depth of knowledge and skill that I look forward to learning from them for the rest of my life. My children attend as well and are growing in confidence and athleticism with each class. They enjoy the classes and can't wait to go back and learn more. I know we have a second family at Kenukan.

Carolyn Goodrick

Olathe School District Teacher

Mike Reed

Kansas City

I have been part of the Kenukan family for 25+ years. Thank goodness I walked into this dojo after moving to the area. I had trained at a few other places before joining Kenukan. However, this school is on a whole ‘nother level. Kenukan is the real deal. The world class training here is very well rounded, yet students are welcome to focus on their favorite disciplines too, whether Karate, Kickboxing, Ju-Jutsu, Self Defense, etc. I can’t say enough good things about Kenukan. If you are looking for the best of the best in martial arts schools, look no further.

I have been a student at Kenukan for about 4 years. Sensei Travis Boggs is an exceptional martial artist and teacher whose passion and enthusiasm is contagious! Kenukan Ryu integrates techniques from many styles of martial arts resulting in a well-rounded curriculum with an underlying theme of practicality and self-defense. The mental and physical benefits you will develop are priceless. If you want to learn REAL fighting skills and know you've EARNED your rank, this is the place to be!

Caitlin Tyler

Kansas City

Kevin Whelen

Olathe, KS

I've gone to this dojo off an on for over 15 years. I started in Junior High. After high school, I went to college, and moved to Seattle for a couple years. I come back to it whenever I'm in town. I've been to other martial arts schools in Kansas City, Seattle, and France, and none can compare to Kenukan. It is the real deal.

Micah Greene


I’ve been a student at Kenukan academy for many years. It’s a second home for me and my family, especially my special needs daughter. I’ve looked at other schools and there's no place I’d rather be. The training is of the highest quality, where rank is earned not given.

Steve Eichinger

Olathe, KS

I have studied under many known, top instructors since 1989 and I can tell you that Travis Boggs is the best I've ever studied under. His attention to detail, patience and teaching style is second to none. I have also enrolled my grandson because Travis is awesome with kids and they love him.

Mike Guertin

Olathe, KS

Kenukan academy is a high quality martial arts studio, offering training in self defense, Karate, and Jiu-Jitsu. Travis Boggs is a very patient, and skilled teacher.  Ranks are earned and not just handed out. This is NOT a McDojo. Sign up for a free class and try it for yourself!


Kansas City

I've been a student at Kenukan for a number of years and I love coming here. Sensei Travis Boggs is a ridiculously skilled martial artist while also being a great teacher. The variety of techniques (with overarching broad categories of striking, grappling, and self-defense) results in a practical and well-rounded curriculum. Everyone is respectful and the other students are helpful, friendly, and work well with people of all skill levels. The fact that it takes dedication and effort to get promoted is a good thing and stands in contrast to some McDojo schools that pump out black belts like they're going out of style. I would recommend anyone who is interested in martial arts or self-defense or even in getting better shape to come out and give it a try.


Kansas City

Kenukan Academy

220 W. Cedar St.

Olathe, KS




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