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Lewis Alexander Boggs II, Esq. & Family - Livingston Farm, Spotsylvania County, VA - circa 1900

A 200 Year Family Tradition



In 1814, John Lewis, a student of the Rev. Dr. Hugh Corrans Boggs (and wife’s 1st cousin), decided to open Llangollen Academy.  Unlike other institutions, Llangollen was constructed as a school community - the forerunner to the modern university campus.  The facilities included the main house, school building, office, dormitories, and garden.  Much like Boggs’ Academy, Llangollen emphasized a strong academic study in mathematics (basic arithmetic, algebra, & geometry), languages (English, Latin, Greek, Spanish, Italian, & French), ancient & modern history, philosophy of languages, ethics, logic, mental philosophy, & political economy.  In addition to academics, the pupils were also taught military tactics and strategy.  John Lewis felt that this fusion of academics and physical training made a well-rounded individual.  According to Lewis:


The object should be to lead the mind to the love of virtue and the desire for knowledge, as the means of doing good. We have, therefore, military training.  Physical education is thus made to cooperate with moral and intellectual culture.  The union of these, we believe, constitutes the best system of instruction. There is no good system in which they are not united.



Sgt. Lewis Alexander Boggs IV

& Marold Mary Millar Dunlop Wedding

Mansfield, England - 1945

1st Lt. Lewis Alexander Boggs IV & Family - 1952 - Okinawa, Japan

(Note: Commissioned Lt. Col. in 1967)

Nearly a 100 years after the death of the Rev. Dr. Hugh Corrans Boggs, his Great Great Grandson, Lewis Alexander Boggs, IV, was born at the old “Livingston” estate.  After fighting in the Second World War’s European Theater as a combat infantryman in the 4th Armored Division (General Patton’s 3rd Army), he would go on to earn his Bachelor of Arts Degree at Randolph-Macon College (Ashland, Virginia), briefly teach in the Virginia public schools, and return to the Army as a Commissioned Officer.  In 1945, after being hospitalized in England during World War II, he married his wife of almost 50 years, Marold Mary Millar Dunlop (1928-1995), a native of the United Kingdom.  Together, they raised three children (Lewis Alexander Boggs V, James Stuart Boggs, & Robert Bruce Boggs), while dealing with the demands of being transferred every few years (including tours of Okinawa, France, Germany, Vietnam, & Korea).  Due to strong leadership skills and work ethics, he rose to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.


Kenukan-Ryu Founder, O'Sensei Bob Boggs - Left to Right: Okinawa, 1967 (1), California, 1968 (2), Kenukan Honbu Dojo, 1992 (3)


Kenukan Budokai President & Kenukan Academy Chief Instructor, Sensei Travis Boggs


Kenukan Academy

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