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Kenukan-Ryu 拳友館流 is an eclectic martial arts style that synthesizes several forms of classical Asian and Western combat sciences.  Specifically, it teaches techniques & tactics traditionally found in Judo, Japanese / Brazilian Ju-Jutsu, Okinawan / Japanese Karate, Okinawan Kobudo, Aikido, Boxing, & Thai / American / Japanese Kickboxing.  Essentially, if a technique is practical and effective in self-defense, then it is tested, developed, & implemented into the system - regardless of its source.  Due to the multifaceted nature of the style, it is often referred to in Japan as a Sogo Budo Ryu 総合武道流 (sogo 総合 = synthesis, coordination, putting together, integration, composite ; budo 武道 = martial way, military way ; ryu  流 = style of, method of, manner of, school of thought).


For the purpose of effectively teaching and organizing the system, a unique approach to ranking / grading is utilized.  Initially, the Kenukan-Ryu adult curriculum is divided into 3 separate areas of study: Ju-Jutsu 柔術 / Judo 柔道 (Grappling), Karate-Do 空手道 / Kickboxing キックボクシング (striking), & Goshin Jutsu 護身術 (self-defense).  As the student progresses through the system, all information contained in the three areas are systematically brought together  - culminating at the rank of San-Dan 三段 (3rd Degree Black Belt).  However, up to that point, the student has the option to Major in the particular area of study that interests them.


Of course, if one chooses, they may double, or even triple major, if they have the desire, determination, & time.  As with all Kenukan-Ryu rank, the degree, or grade, is based on realistic fighting ability, knowledge of technique, understanding of fundamental principles, & an exemplification of the style's ethical values.  Rank is not based on time, friendship, or how much money is invested.  Possessing real skill and ability is the primary focus of Kenukan-Ryu!  In order to maintain quality standards, minimum age and time in grade requirements have been established to ensure the proper development of spontaneous reflex and resistance abilities.


The youth curriculum (ages 5-13), is a blend of Ju-Jutsu / Judo / Karate-Do / Kickboxing / Self-Defense - which is capped off at the rank of Go-Kyu 五級 (Green Belt).  Once the student transitions to the adult classes & curriculum, usually around the age of 13, their youth rank is "frozen" until all adult tests (in either Ju-Jutsu, Karate, or Goshin-Jutsu) have been taken up to the corresponding Junior Kyu Grade.  At that time, the student is then allowed to continue with advancement.  Due to the overlap of the material taught in both the youth and adult curriculum, transition is made smoothly.

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