10 Signs of Leadership & Leaders Influencing My Life

By Bob Boggs

In today’s world, there is much discussion and controversy concerning goals of martial arts organizations and individuals in the leadership roles.  Unfortunately, many are fueled by egos and money. I personally felt it was time to give the readers of Kenukan Budokai Blog a checklist, a simple way to determine which path to take and which leader to follow. You may find out you haven’t been following a leader at all, only the “pied piper.”  And, if you are a leader, or think you are, take note of the prerequisites I suggest are a must.

The ten signs of leadership listed below were shared to me by my father, retired Army Lt. Col., of whom he taught to his junior officers and NCO’s.  My father and mother (leadership has no gender) always set the example of being a leader, physically, mentally, and spiritually.  My thanks to them for their guidance, especially in showing me that all great leaders were great followers first.

Mr. Jim Harrison (Missoula, Montana), founder of the Bushidokan and Ronin Jutsu systems and one of the most sought after practical self-defense instructors in the world, and the late Mr. George Anderson (Akron, Ohio), President of the USA Karate Federation and world icon for authentic karate-do, were also leaders that helped pave my career in martial arts by exemplifying these ten signs.  My thanks to them for more reasons than I can express – groundhogs they were not!

Finally, without hesitation, my son Travis has shown tremendous leadership qualities his entire life – especially since becoming the Owner and Chief Instructor of Kenukan Academy in 2006.  He has been fortunate to have been surrounded by leaders throughout his life who have offered him national and international positions of responsibility which have allowed him to develop all ten signs of leadership.  I mention him because he reminds me constantly where I need to stay steadfast; he serves as my daily check and balance.

I am not going to expound each sign but leave that up to each reader. You may want to save this column for personal reference or to share with others.

Now for the litmus test – Be honest!

In closing, the following was written by Mother Teresa.  These words I keep attached to the above 10 signs of leadership to remind me that the Lord is with me at all times and it is He I am to please.