Kenukan Academy is a multi-disciplinary martial arts school designed to preserve the history, values, techniques, & fighting spirit of both the Kenukan & Bushidokan Martial Arts Styles (Kenukan-Ryu & Bushidokan-Ryu).  Kenukan-Ryu, a style  developed by Bob Boggs in the early 1970's, and Bushidokan-Ryu, a style developed by Jim Harrison in the early 1960's, are both officially recognized in over 160 countries. Founded in 1968, Kenukan Academy  is a legendary school that has served the Kansas City Area for over 50 years!  Explore the website to learn how studying at Kenukan Academy can positively change your life forever!

Welcome Letter From Kenukan Academy Founder


Kenukan Academy, the International Headquarters for the Kenukan Budokai, and the Midwest Office for the Bushidokan Yudanshakai, is the oldest Martial Arts Academy in Johnson County, and has been serving the Olathe and Kansas City area "SINCE 1968".


Although we have produced over 270 International, National, and State Champions in sport competition, we specialize in tactics which are practical and effective in REAL LIFE SITUATIONS.


In the mid-60's, I began my martial arts training under the instruction of Sensei Seiyu Oyata, Okinawan Kenpo, and later became a student under Sensei Jim Harrison, founder of the Bushidokan Martial Arts Style (Judo-Jujitsu, Karate-Kickboxing, & Ronin Goshin Jutsu).  Under their instruction and influence, I surpassed any goals that I set for myself in my early years of training.


In 2006, I handed Kenukan Academy to my son, Travis Boggs, a 2-Time International Gold Medalist, Black Belt under both me (Kenukan-Ryu) and Jim Harrison (Bushidokan-Ryu), & one of the best instructors in the country.  His patience, detailed explanations, & hands-on teaching style, are truly second to none.  The Academy I founded over 50 years ago is in good hands!


I encourage you to take the big step and become a Kenukan Academy student.  The "do" or the "path" will not always be easy.  Although you will have many hard workouts, the system or style will not be your toughest road block. You will be your toughest roadblock to hurdle. That is why we combine the spirit of the native American Eagle and the innovation of our Forefathers with the knowledge of Eastern Traditions. We believe: "DISCIPLINE THE MIND, THE BODY WILL FOLLOW!"


Kenukan Academy's Martial Arts curriculum encourages and inspires everyone to reach their potential and helps us all adjust for life's challenges.  As a practitioner in both Kenukan-Ryu & Bushidokan-Ryu, a student will learn to excel, and be all that he or she can be.


Over 140 years ago, a famous American, General Stonewall Jackson, a peace-time college professor, taught his students: "YOU MAY BE WHAT YOU RESOLVE TO BE."  We can help that dream come true. By combining mental and physical achievement at each student's own level, we can dynamically instill the pride of individual responsibility and achievement. This discipline then becomes lifelong and spills over into all aspects of one's life, whether it's home, job, schoolwork, or extra curriculum activities.


Contact Kenukan Academy today to set up an appointment for a private consultation to discuss enrollment into one of our five programs.  Don't forget to ask about our FREE TRIAL NO OBLIGATION LESSON.  Remember, "Investigate, Before You Invest . . . Your Life May Depend On It!"



of both the Kenukan Budokai

& Bushidokan Yudanshakai Organizations.


Students who train at Kenukan Academy can obtain rank promotions in both the Kenukan & Bushidokan Styles!

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